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The Fiber Config team collaborates with Fiber Network Owners, Design Engineers, Implementation and Maintenance Teams to enhance Network Reliability and optimize Fiber Asset value.

Fiber Network Asset and Configuration Management

The Fiber Configuration Manager (FCM) is a system developed to ensure real-time availability of accurate Fiber Network Documentation

Our offering includes the management of Fiber Network asset data and documentation ensuring the latest configuration is always available to users. 

Data is captured and stored on a secure server (VPS) and interfaced via a web-based Administration User Interface for management purposes while Element data is accessed in the field with a smartphone application.


Mobile App Features:

  • Access data by scanning NFC tag or QR code installed on the asset,
  • View Construction Drawings, Drop Trackers/Splice Diagrams,
  • Capture and upload Before and After photos as well as any relevant photos,
  • Update changes through the ECR process.

Solution driven applications to optimize Fiber Assets

Our team continuously research the industry to identify unique solutions to optimize asset value and ensure the ultimate end-user experience

While FNO’s focus on maintaining healthy profit margins by balancing cost, time, quality and competitive constraints, our detailed orientated solutions aim to enhance the value derived from the assets deployed.

Applications are developed, based on user requirements, that simplifies planning, implementation, monitoring and control of all aspects of a network. These include:


  • Automating best-practice processes and procedures with mobile and web applications,
  • Developing easy to use mobile and web user interfaces on various platforms including Android, iOS, Windows and MacOS.
  • Real-time recording and processing of data to ensure accurate information supporting decision making,
  • Incorporating tools and features such as Near Field Communication, QR code scanning, Geolocation and Positioning, Maps, Image capturing and Push Notifications to enhance accuracy of data,
  • Measure team performance by employing set KPI’s, quality hold points, time keeping, test results and customer experience standards.